Put simply, this is a place to test ideas, ask questions and keep track of what I’m learning. It's how I attempt to figure out my own thoughts about the future of design, art and technology and how these areas intersect. It’s my journey down the rabbit hole, so beware; it gets pretty deep, messy and disjointed...and that’s ok!

So to get the ball rolling, I’ll start off with a bunch of questions:  

What does the future of design look like in the face of Artificial Intelligence and vast amounts of data?

What happens when an intelligent program can define content and design strategy based on seemingly endless amounts of data?  

What happens if/when AI becomes emotionally intelligent, not only predicting human behaviour based on trends and correlations but can understand the patterns that exist within the human psyche?  

To what extent is that possible through software alone?

Since much of how we feel, understand and experience the world is phenomenological (experienced through our senses) would AI need bodies like ours in order to truly empathize with humans?  

Or would a thorough and deep understanding of the field of psychology suffice?

Ok back to design...

Do designers take on the role of curators and collaborators with these intelligent algorithms/ beings?

What does that collaboration look like? Do we become more cyborg than we already are? What’s the Photoshop and Illustrator of the next century like?

What will our relationship to this new way of making be like?  

Tangent incoming...

We seem to think of AI as different and unattached from us, but is that true? Can we separate technology from human activity?

Should technology embrace human morals or ethics? After all, humans can be corruptible, petty and foolish, but we can also be compassionate, loving and empathetic. How do we imbue AI with only the “good” side of humanity?

Should AI be like us? Or should it transcend us? Are we trying to re-create our own gods?

Perhaps I should stop there…

To be continued….