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What’s this blog all about?

Put simply, this is a place to test ideas, ask questions and keep track of what I’m learning. It's how I attempt to figure out my own thoughts about the future of design, art and technology and how these areas intersect. It’s my journey down the rabbit hole, so beware; it gets pretty deep, messy and disjointed...and that’s ok!

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Untitled No.1 – Art and the Future of Design

This one is a work in progress! I just had to get the thoughts out.

When I'm around other designers and I begin to speak about art, more often than not, someone just has to mention that art is NOT the same as design. Design is logical and scientific and art is emotional and expressive. Design is the intersection of art and science!

It almost feels like they are trying to defend design from the uncertain and difficult to pin down concept of art. Are we afraid of art? Or are afraid of uncertainty?

But what is science and what is art? To me, they are two sides of the same coin. Both play an important part in helping us to understand our world.

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December 28, 2017No Comments

Freedom and Content Bubbles


I think of Google and Facebook and the content bubbles we find ourselves in.  There seems to be this illusion of choice within digital products where, yes the search results are catered to the individual, you get your own individual feed based on your search history.

But do you really have a choice, or is the choice dictated by the algorithm and its incomplete picture of the past and present you. Should your future interests be defined in such a limited scope?

How do you search for answers to questions you don't even know exist?

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December 18, 2017No Comments

How I found my way back to design. Part 1

Setting the Stage

In my final year of Secondary School, I did my CAPE exams in Visual Art, Environmental Science and Computer Science. I go back to this time because I had to choose. I had to choose what to study at University. I found each subject equally fulfilling and wanted to pursue all three. However, this triad of competencies didn't neatly fit into any career path or course description I could find at the time.

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